Writing to God

When I was young, I never considered myself a great reader, writer, or speller. Math and science were my thing.  The English language always seemed so confusing. My reading speed was so slow, I usually couldn’t finish the reading comprehension sections on standardized tests. However, as a young girl I still found comfort in reading non-classroom related books. In a home full of chaos, books allowed me transport myself to another time and place.  I loved living out the adventures in my favorite series “The Babysitter’s Club.” The library was one of my favorite places. With my little library card I could go all over the world and it was all free! We didn’t have money to buy books, or space to store them so the library was perfect.

One day, I guess I was about 8 or 9 years old I ran across the book “The Color Purple”.  I can’t remember if I saw the movie or read the book first. Looking back I’m not sure if it was even age appropriate. However, in the book the main character wrote letters to God. That was the only time I had seen someone not in the bible, write letters to God. In the letters the main character just told God about her life, the good and the bad.  I had a diary I wrote in occasionally, but I had only written to Dear Diary. From that day on I wrote to God. Even as a child I was certain God had more power than Dear Diary. I decided to tell God about my life and write down my prayers. I always heard people say pray about it. The problem was, sometimes I couldn’t remember if I had prayed about it or not, and if I did, had I forgotten to include some important details?  In my 8 year oId mind,  I figured if I wrote my prayers, I would have written proof of what I had told God.  How He responded was on him.

I wrote to God through elementary school. I wrote to God through middle school and high school. I wrote to God through college, and optometry school. I wrote to God while getting married, having children, and owning a business. Now I sit here at almost 40 years old having written to God most of my life. What I loved about writing to God was that he didn’t care about my punctuation or complete sentences. There was no grade. I told Him about everything as I figured he already knew anyhow. I confessed, asked for forgiveness, and asked for help. I shared my life with the Father. Over time I could see how he answered prayer after prayer, how I had been so worked up and it turned out just fine. I could see how he had shown me so much grace and favor.

As I grew my relationship with the Father remained and the faith I had as a child only grew stronger.  Don’t get me wrong I have not lived without trials or pain, but I can say that I have never lived without hope.

Here is an except from one of my journals 10 years ago. August 25, 2009 the day when I signed the papers for my 1st business, Divine Family Eyecare, Inc.

Christianity is not about religion but about a genuine relationship with the Father. That is easy to say but how do you do that? Reading God’s word, praying and writing to God are awesome ways to spend time with and grow your relationship with the Father. Over time you may also be surprised by a new ability to clearly hear God’s voice. I encourage you to try it out and report back on this blog with testimonies of His response to your written letters/prayers.

I only have one warning. Once you start, get ready to see Him start moving in your life. If you are diligent years later you will look back and realize you have journals full of beautiful letters to the Father, an awesome relationship, and a lot of answered prayers!

2 thoughts on “Writing to God

  1. Thanks for the encouragement to write down prayers. This is a process I often start but fail to continue so it’s difficult to see the answers. I write down my Devotions daily but I want to be more consistent with writing letters/prayers TO God. Pray that I am able to develop this habit and be diligent with it.🙏🏾 Thank you!


    1. Adrianne, the great thing is that writing to God is not a graded assignment. There is no failure, it’s not about consistency it’s about relationship. Just telling him about your life. If you just write once a year you know how many beautiful correspondences to God that would produce in a lifetime. He wants your heart, not another habit. Write to him when you can, He loves you so much!


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