How to Escape the Debt Monster

One day I woke up and realized I had been taken captive by the debt monster. I had been lured deeper and deeper into his cave to the point I couldn’t see any escape. It had seemed nice at first, but soon I started to feel the chains and the weights he had put on me. I had become the debt monster’s slave.

7 Steps to Multiple Income Streams

Now that you are aware of the 5 Reasons You Need Multiple Streams of Income, most of us can agree that is sounds like a great idea. So now we need to develop a plan, gather books, and other resources to move into action. There will never be a perfect time so the time to start is now.

Writing to God

When I was young, I never considered myself a great reader, writer, or speller. Math and science were my thing.  The English language always seemed so confusing. My reading speed was so slow, I usually couldn’t finish the reading comprehension sections on standardized tests. However, as a young girl I still found comfort in readingContinue reading “Writing to God”