Millionaire Faith: The Testimony of Dr. Sylvia Jones

Dr. Sylvia Jones, Christian, wife, mother, eye doctor, and entrepreneur just to name few. She has been happily married for almost 18 years and has 3 beautiful daughters.

Growing up in a financially, emotionally, and verbally abusive home, Dr. Sylvia Jones lived in constant fear. Poverty, arguments, and alcoholism penetrated every room of her house. In her mind she could always see herself outside of her circumstances. 

Her father was so distant, that as a child she asked Christ to be her Father.

As she grew, so did her relationship with God.  She wrote to him, prayed, and always tried to put Him first. She was thankful for all He had done.  One day, in a college physics class, He revealed that her purpose was to help with physical and spiritual blindness.  She went on to become an eye doctor and own a private practice, which she named Divine, as a testament that God Will Provide.  

But the larger calling on her life would not go away.  God continued to disturb her comfort with visions.  Visions of companies, blogs, podcasts, speaking, and more. But, she was paralyzed by  anxiety, fear, and doubt. 

Bogged down with debt, in a church service on Daring Faith, God revealed that one day she would be able to tithe a million dollars.  In total shock and disbelief, yet her faith acknowledged that God Is Able. About 2 weeks later, God gave her the idea for Violet Eyewear.  The World’s 1st Social Selling Eyewear Company.  With only God and an idea, she set out to  build a company no one had built before.  Every morning she would wake up around 6am and ask God for instruction.  She called this Millionaire Faith, daily dependence on God to provide the instructions and resources.  

Every day she built.  Brick by brick, God increased her skill level.  Brick by brick, God increased her confidence. He sent his word to guide her and He sent people to encourage her.  He sent resources enough to pay off all her debt and for her to  build Violet Eyewear debt free.  Violet Eyewear now has its own eyewear line, that blesses the homeless, through it’s Buy One, Bless One Program and provides an entrepreneurial opportunity to Vision Ambassadors across the country.   

The biggest transformation, however, was within Dr. Jones.  To grow Violet,  she had to stand eye to eye with the bitter roots of her past.  She had to deal with deep rejection issues, fear, anxiety, and doubt.  She understands now that she was broken, but God loved her enough to not leave her wounded. He gave her Millionaire Faith and Violet Eyewear to help set her free. 

Now stronger and wiser, she has earned her Crown.  She said yes to God’s request. By faith she fought and with God she won.  Dr. Sylvia Jones is determined to Go Every Wear and let her light shine by living out her purpose to restore physical, spiritual, and financial vision as the Queen of Vision. Boldly helping other Christian Entrepreneurs clearly see and fulfill the Vision God has for them, despite their past, with full confidence that With God Your Success is Possible TOO! 

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