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Prophetable Brand Story Masterclass


  • 5 Full Days of Thought Provoking Content: Relax and concentrate on what makes your brand unique and increase your bottom line.
  • Printable Workbook: Create a tangible document that can be shared with your team. Add your brand story on your website, create content for social media, and marketing campaigns.
  • 30 Min Faith Boss Strategy Session: One-on-one custom business strategy. Go from reluctant and hesitant, to excited and flourishing with the right support. 
  • 10 Digital Vision Board Canva Templates: Special Gift Custom Designed by The Queen of Vision. Now is the time to capture your vision so that you can achieve your goals and live a life without regrets.

What is a Brand Story ?
Brand Story is a narrative that connects with the hearts and minds of your target audience. It tells the listener how your company got started, what your company stands for, and how you help your customers win.


Effortlessly, Create a Brand Story That:

  • Makes your target audience run for their wallet
  • Inspires new customers share your story and website with their family and friends
  • Motivates your ideal client to like, share, and follow you on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

Evoke Emotion

Create a first impression that makes your ideal customer care about you and your brand. They love knowing about your business and root for you to succeed.

Increase Sales

Stop worrying about payroll, how you’re going to pay for the kids college, and if you will ever have enough to retire.

Build Your Tribe

Become the first brand your customer thinks of when it time to buy.

“Your brand story will increase your visibility, deepen your connection with your audience, and attract new customers to your website.”

-Dr. Sylvia Jones

Learn the tricks of the trade from, Dr. Sylvia Jones, a seasoned business owner. Save time & money by avoiding common costly mistakes.

“What a blessing it’s been, Dr. Sylvia Jones, in attending your Prophetable Brand Story Class.

Your ministry throughout the training has encouraged me to keep pushing with my vision. Your ability to simplify the task at hand is truly a gift. You’re a jewel in the kingdom.”

– Tilda B.


Relax and concentrate on what makes your brand unique and increase your bottom line.

Lessons from Jesus: The Greatest Storyteller

Course based on biblical truth so you don’t have to waste time and money on expert advice that doesn’t work.  

Craft the Heart of Your Brand Story 

Real life brand story examples provided, making the creative process simple. Feel secure and confident as you craft your Prophetable Brand Story Masterpiece.  

Finding Your Target Market

Stop wasting money, time, and effort advertising to an audience that will never vist your website, click your link, or join your email list.

Millionaire Faith 

Radiate courage and confidence as you make sales calls, go live and interact with your customers.

The Secret: A Story Your Customers Will Love

During the course we will reveal what science says about the brain and stories. You will encounter biblical stories that will teach you about both storytelling and business ownership.

BONUS: Focusing Business Vision

Plug your vision into the GPS. Focus, eliminate distractions. and create a clear business destination. Quickly expand your business while saving loads of time, money, and energy.  

About Your Presenter

Dr. Sylvia Jones, the Queen of Vision, encourages Christian entrepreneurs to plug their vision into the GPS. Helping them focus and eliminate distractions by creating a clear business destination. Quickly expand while saving loads of time, money, and energy.

Dr. Jones has over 13 years of business experience and has been a follower of Christ since she was a child. Owning a successful optometric practice, founder of her own eyewear line, business mentor, and more. Dr. Jones has a vast business knowledge.

It wasn’t until she started using biblical principles in her finances and business, that she was able to start growing her company into a system-based machine that could function without her presence. 

She has a passion for teaching entrepreneurs how to integrate biblical principles, system. Allowing them to retire from being the overworked employee and finally become the owner. She truly believes that entrepreneurship is a ministry. 

Now is YOUR time. Capture YOUR vision. Achieve YOUR goals. Live YOUR dreams.


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